Preparing comprehensive activities for preschoolers ages 3 years and up

Did you know?

“The first three years of life are the most important years. During this period, brain development occurs at a very rapid rate in response to each child’s early experiences” according to The University of Texas Health Science Center.

It is our mission to prepare your child for kindergarten. Our Pre-K teachers are providing them with skills to be successful, confident, and with high self-esteem by giving them positive praises. Our teachers are very intentional about implementing engaging activities and purposeful play to stimulate their minds. They are learning to follow instructions, listen and communicate appropriately, practice self-control, connect with others, manage bathroom needs, and actively participate in physical activities. Our teachers consistently evaluate your child’s kindergarten readiness based on age-appropriate benchmarks to assess your child’s growth and development.

Our teachers work hand in hand with our Licensed Social Worker and Registered Nurse Consultant that evaluate and provide the parents with a Developmental Checklist annually or as needed if any concerns arise that need to be communicated to their Primary Care Physician (PCP).

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