Nursery care for little ones between 6 weeks and 17 months

Infants are given care based on their individual needs. Our infants and toddlers are loved and nurtured and introduced to the research of the Children’s Learning Institute at the University of Texas Health Science Center, the practice Texas Rising Star, Collaborative for Children, and CLI Engage.

Did you know?

Hugs, love, and reliable care by the caregiver are important!!!!

That is why learning, interacting, and engaging begins here, with responding to your child’s needs to develop a trusting relationship between your child, teacher, and their parents. We use rich language and engagement with your child. Our interaction with your child is intentional and focuses on fostering developmentally appropriate learning activities with your infant and toddlers.

Also, we have a plan of care to make sure we are providing appropriate and stimulating, developmentally learning activities for your little one.

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