Delivering quality education for your 4 and 5-year-olds

Did you know?

When a child is prepared it increases their self-confidence?

(According to the TEA and Texas Public Schools a child must be at least five years of age before or on September 1 of the school year).

Our pre-kindergarten program is unique, especially for the child that missed the cut-off date to attend kindergarten. Our curriculum focuses on school readiness with hands-on lesson plans with an emphasis on reading, math, science, character development, manners, and social skills. Our curriculum encourages your child to explore, discover, ask questions, and nurture critical thinking skills.

We believe if we make learning enjoyable with purposeful play, your child can be a lifelong learner and achiever. Your child is not only sent home with a daily communication form but a kindergarten readiness assessment form is done quarterly to evaluate progress.

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